Blogging Secrets


Is one of your goals to start your own business?  If so, how are you planning on spreading word that you’re in business?

Blogging is one way you can build your brand and get the word out.

I’m still a bit of a blogging  newbie but since it’s been almost a year I have some tips for you, that I hope will help, if you’re considering starting your own blog.

The basics


When choosing a blogging platform consider using It is a completely different company to If you use you own the content and you won’t get random ads on your site. If you choose to go down the path note that could revoke your access to  your material at any time. Other popular blogging platforms  are Wix, and Weebly.


I recommend Siteground. I have had no issues so far and my site is running really well. Another popular choice is Bluehost but as it’s based in America I choose Siteground instead as I wanted a host that I could call during Australian office hours if I had a problem.

Domain name

Purchase this as soon as you can. I bought my domain from Go Daddy and I’ve had no problems. I bought the .com and the .au.

How to make your site look pretty

The theme I’m using is Twentytwelve and it’s a free wordpress theme. There are plenty of free wordpress themes to choose from and it’s fairly easy to change your theme. Some of my friends swear by Gateway. Who knows?  It could be something I’ll move to in the future.


I get mine from deposit or you could purchase photos from Istock or Shutterstock. Sometimes I make my own pictures using Canva which is a free graphic design tool. Pic Monkey is also great.


Have you ever browsed a site and loved the colours or fonts that were used but you weren’t sure what they were?  Firebug is a Firefox extension that you can use to see what the code is for colours or fonts you like. I am sure that the extension can do more than this but it’s what I use it for.

Planning and scheduling


How do I ensure my posts come out at exactly the same time each week? I use a scheduling tool called Buffer. Other options are Hootsuite, Edgar and Social Oomph.


I use Mailchimp for sending out newsletters. It’s a great platform and I love all the options. It’s free until until you have 2000 subscribers.

Making Friends

Get a blogging friend

It can be a lonely existence tapping away on your own week after week.  It’s way more fun when you can take your laptop to a cafe and talk all things blogging with a blogging mate. Sure, you can make friends online but I’ve always enjoyed meeting people face to face more. To find blogging friends check out:

1. ProBlogger. Not only is the site great but the annual Problogger Training Event is legendary. Last year tickets sound out in a matter of hours.

2. Blogging Meetup events.

Got more questions about blogging? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help.

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