What is the energy you’re putting out?

EnergyWhat’s your energy like? Do you take energy from others or do you provide it?

Do you know someone that has a chip? No unfortunately I’m not talking about food although I can write about food in another post if you like :-). I mean what’s called ‘a chip on their shoulder’ or in other words the world is against them and everything is always going wrong.

They’re not fun to be around and we avoid them. I used to know a lady that had a chip. Every time we caught up she’d be constantly complaining about her job and her boyfriend or lack of and un-suprisingly many things were often going wrong in her life.

What about you? Do you ever have a chip? What are you doing to make sure the energy that you’re putting out to the world is appreciative and positive?

Sometimes we can all have a bit of chip. It’s very easy to collect one. We get a speeding fine and then another unexpected bill and can think why is this happening to me? How come I ended up with the fine? I wasn’t even going much over the speed limit!?

It’s amazing though when you change your energy and it’s a focused, committed change over a period of time how your life can change.

Going back to my earlier story. Thankfully, the lady that had the chip changed. She eventually hit rock bottom when she kept trying to change the things around her and nothing was working; her job, her boyfriend, her accommodation. But the only person she could change was herself. She finally got this and started working on her attitude, her focus and her mind. Where is she now? She has a permanent job that she loves, her apartment is fantastic and she’s working on attracting the man of her dreams.

You have a choice. You can choose to work on yourself and change how you respond to events around you. Maybe you got an unexpected bill? How can you respond to that in a different way? What can you do instead?

When you walk around with a positive energy and expect the best of people and situations that’s often what you’ll get. Or if someone does something unkind you’ll be quicker to forgive. You’ll move on faster because you’ve trained yourself to manage your energy in such a way that you don’t let little things affect you.

How can you respond differently to events around you? Write down five things that you’re going to change right now.

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