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Everyone’s searching for it. How do I be happy? How can I feel more joy?

So what’s the biggest thing that’s made me happier? More money? A salary increase? Living in a cooler suburb? Regularly eating gourmet food?

No, it was none of those things. What’s made me happier and I promise that it will help you too, is a daily practice. A daily practice of gratitude.

In June last year after the sudden death of a family member, I started practising gratitude in a big way. The results were amazing! Many people commented on the change and that they’d noticed I was happier. They were right. I was! The amount of opportunities that came my way was astonishing!

Are you sceptical about this working for you? I’ve tried being analytical to solve life’s challenges, I’ve tried being realistic and like most people I’ve tried negativity. But the problem with negativity is you don’t get any gifts. Realism and analysis are useful to a point but the most successful thing I’ve done to solve challenges is be grateful.

You may think using gratitude as a tool is a bit simplistic. You’re got challenges to face, you need a strategic approach and gratitude doesn’t sound very strategic does it? The funny thing is, when you change your attitude to one of grateful, opportunities can start presenting themselves to help you solve your challenges – opportunities that you may never have thought possible!

Do you want an overall feeling of joy? Or to feel more positive? Try practising gratitude on a daily basis. Soon you’ll notice a change in your attitude and you’ll easily find further things to be grateful for throughout the day without even trying.

So how  do you make gratitude work for you?

Write it down. Writing down what you’re grateful for in the morning sets you up well for a great day!

Choose five things that you’re grateful for each morning. Noting down one thing isn’t going to have the same power. The more that you can be grateful for the better.

Say thank you. After you’ve written down your five things say thank you for each one and mean it.

Be consistent. You won’t receive as much benefit if you practise gratitude every few days. Do it daily and you’ll really notice the difference.

Start today and see what a difference a daily practice of gratitude makes. Please share your results in the comments.

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