Seeking a Job In Another Location? Read This First

jobGetting a job in a different location can be a challenge but there are ways to make it easier. I wrote this post in response to a job seeker wanting some advice on securing a role before moving to a new city. I hope that these steps help you too.

Organise a series of visits to your new city

The best way to get a new role, as I’m always saying, is through networking. And, it’s no different if you’re looking to secure employment in a new city.

Organise a  series of trips to your target city and advise your network when you’ll be available for meetings. Catching up in person is a faster and easier way to build trust and rapport than phone or Skype.

When you make a visit, meet key recruitment agencies that are the experts in your field. Get referrals from your network on which agencies to meet.

Join professional organisations in your target city. The membership list is another great source of contacts.

Use a spreadsheet or other software to manage your search

On a spreadsheet create a series of columns that include the following: name, company, position, date, notes and follow-up. This will help you keep focused with your search, be professional and more successful as you won’t  get mixed up between different conversations and roles or forget when you should follow up.

Share Why You’re Moving

Sharing your reasons for moving will help an employer understand that you’re serious. Hiring is always a risk for employers. f they make a mistake it’s very costly. They have to spend the time interviewing again and costs to productivity, team morale and revenue can be just the start of the impacts poor hiring can make.

The last thing they want is for you to withdraw from a role and leave them in the lurch. Or, that you’ll work there for a few weeks, and then resign, because you’re not coping living in your new location.

Have a plan

if you’re hired, the organisation is going to want you to make an impact right off the bat. You won’t be able to do that if you’re not organised with your living situation, moving house etc. If you’re not an organised person hire someone to help you. Professional organisers or professionals that move all of your things are a good start.

Each time I hired professionals from interstate they had a plan. They told me why they wanted to move and the reason wasn’t “I need a job.” In addition to being interested in the role that was on offer their reasons for moving  were things like:  ” my wife is from X so we’d like to be closer now that her parents are getting older. Or it was “I used to live in X city and I already own a house there so it will be easy to re-connect.”

What are your tips for getting a job in a new city? Please share them in a comment.

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