Your Resume: How You Can Get it Right

resumeMy eyes were hurting so bad. I couldn’t see what was written on my screen. The resume was written in yellow font!

Since 2004 I’ve assessed hundreds of thousands of resumes. Sometimes I’ve felt excited  and quickly grabbed the phone to call a candidate I’ve just found.

At other times I’ve been bored scanning through pages of poorly written resumes and I’ve felt sorry for applicants that didn’t make the cut. I’ve felt sorry for them because I knew that some would continue to struggle to get what they want (a job)  because of their poorly put together resume.

So why is your resume so important?

It’s often the first communication you have with a potential employer.

Your resume represents your personal brand and assumptions will be made about you based on your resume whether they are true assumptions or not. If you don’t impress here you won’t be invited to impress at interview where it’s easier to build rapport and really showcase what you’ve got to offer.

It’s an opportunity to sell yourself.

I’ve often seen resumes that don’t include any achievements or use cut and pasted dot points from a role position description to describe responsibilties. When you write your resume this way you’re missing out on an opportunity to really sell what you’ve got to offer.

It’s your personal marketing brochure

It’s all about selling you! It’s not a story of your life. You are painting a picture of what you can do for your potential client (employer). How can you help them?

How you can get it right

There’s a formula to writing your resume and ensuring it has impact and it gets read. This includes tailoring your resume to suit the opportunities you are targeting.

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Happy job hunting!

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