Seeking Inspiration? 4 Magazines that Inspire

inspireHas winter (or summer) zapped you of your usual juice? Are you in need of some inspiration? In this week’s post I’m sharing four great magazines that inspire me. So jump in now and get your packet of inspiration with these four!

The Collective

Out of the group listed here, The Collective is my favorite. It aims to inspire and it delivers every time. Each month I can’t wait to read the next edition. Why? Gossip free with no doom and gloom vibes, this magazine is a class above. With sections on Movers and Shakers and The New Class I’m always learning and I’m challenged to think differently.

Not only is this magazine inspiring, but so is Founder and Editor in Chief Lisa Messenger. She has put The Collective on the map in under a year with the magazine now in 16 countries.  If you can’t find The Collective in yours, don’t worry, there is an online version available too.


Tyler Brûlé is the founder and Editor in Chief of Monocle. Prior to working in magazines, he was a war journalist in Afganistan where he had the unfortunate experience of being shot, twice.

Today he runs an advertising agency and Monocle out of London. When he started the magazine in 2007, the UK was deep in recession. Tyler was told that his start up wouldn’t work but he did it anyway.

Monocle is a thick journal and covers design, style, business and innovation. It’s global and it always suggests solutions to world challenges which is why I love it so much. And Monocle actually inspired me to start my own business.


If you’ve been stuck on the corporate ferris wheel for a bit too long, and you need an escape, Frankie is the mag for you. It’s an intelligent and stylish publication that you can enjoy bi-monthly. Full of articles about random things, such as what to do about the bad gifts you receive from friends, or how to manage rejection, Frankie inspires and delights every time.

Dumbo Feather 

When Kate Bezar couldn’t find an inspirational magazine at her local newsagent in 2004, she created one! Dumbo Feather is quarterly publication that features 5 extended interviews with leaders across the globe that are making a difference.

What’s your favorite magazine and does it inspire you? Please share in the comments.




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