If You’re Unhappy Stop Doing This

Depositphotos_26946629_sYou can be happy rather than unhappy. Yes, in the southern hemisphere it’s winter and sometimes if you’re not a winter person colder weather can have a negative impact. But it’s a bit hard to change the weather. The good news is, unlike the weather, there are some things you can control. Such as your reactions to events that occur in your life that you may not like. You can choose happiness. You really can.  If you’re unhappy right now why not review the list below? Are there some things you can work on?

Holding grudges

Holding grudges for years is an easy way to stay unhappy and to ensure your life is full of stress and anger.  The good news is you can choose to change this at any time. When you forgive it’s not about letting the person that hurt you off the hook it’s about creating freedom and peace within yourself. Denise Duffield-Thomas has a great forgiveness exercise that you might want to try.

Being jealous

When one of your friends gets a promotion or wins a holiday how do you respond? Do you congratulate them or do you just felt jealous? Share the joy when your friends succeed. Support them with their achievements and you’ll feel happy too.

Getting angry

When your Mum told you to count to ten when you got angry she was right. Being angry isn’t powerful. It’s actually a loss of power and it puts negative energy out to the universe.  If you move around under an angry cloud you’ll attract discontent and disappointment.

Comparing yourself

Your journey is unique to you and so is what you have to offer. Take a break from the comparison  game for a while and see how much better you feel! So what are you going to change today? What are you going to do right now to take responsibility for your happiness and your health?

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