How to Nail Your Next Skype Interview

Skype interview

One of the exciting things about technology is its capacity to connect us across the globe in seconds. Fast connection has created countless opportunities for  job seekers and employers to talk without being in the same geographic location.  Now that Skype interviews are becoming more and more common, how can you make sure you nail your next Skype job interview?


In addition to the preparation you’d usually do; such as researching the company, competitors, interviewers and having your behavioural questions down pat,  there’s a few extra things to prepare for a Skype interview.

1. Share your Skype contact details

Provide your contact details well ahead of time. These include your Skype name and your mobile phone number. Have the phone number of the interviewer on hand just in case you cannot connect on Skype.  Be prepared for a phone interview if connection problems cannot be resolved. Have a headset ready to make a phone interview easier.

2. Prepare your complete interview outfit

You might be tempted to wear your professional interview attire on only on the top half of your body with your sleepwear/underwear on your lower half. Don’t make this mistake! If you need to unexpectedly stand up you could ruin your chances if you haven’t dressed appropriately.

3. Test your equipment

Check that Skype is working properly and you have the latest version installed. If you rarely use Skype and you’re feeling uncomfortable do a practice interview with a friend or you can get in touch with me for some interview coaching.

When did you last install recommended updates on your computer? Double check, as you don’t want your system to suddenly decide you need an urgent update that’s going to take ten minutes just before you start your interview.

Also check the sound. How is the volume?

4. Choose an appropriate space

Ensure you can have a quiet room set up where you won’t be disturbed by distractions such as barking animals or crying children.

The Interview

Check that the interviewers can hear you.

It takes a little longer to build rapport over Skype so make sure you smile! When you are speaking use eye contact to engage each interviewer in turn.

Post Interview

Send a thank you email.

If you’re interested in the role, reiterate why you’re a great fit using a few dot points and end with how you’re looking forward to the next step.

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