How To Be Happier in 2015

happierHow was your 2014? Was it  your happiest year yet? If you’d like to have a happier 2015, make it your happiest year yet with these tips.

1. Forgive.

Are you holding onto past anger? You can let go of past hurts and disappointments and free yourself by forgiving yourself and others. Doing regular forgiveness work has played a big role in making me feel happier and more peaceful. Check out Denise Duffield -Thomas’ great forgiveness exercise.

2. Exercise daily.

How often do you exercise? I started daily exercise a few months ago. No only do I feel better, I’ve lost weight and for the times I was in a lack/bad mood exercise pulled me back into a more positive place.

Exercise is a natural mood lifter. Even if you go for a brisk 20 minute walk you will feel the benefits. I try and do an hour each day whether that is walking or a combination of walking and jogging.  In 2014 I practised Yoga, I mastered new tricks in aerials and built up lots more upper body strength and I tried jogging with a running club. What are you going to do?

3. Do things for others

How is your family? Do they need some encouragement? When did you last touch base with them to see how they’re going? What about your besties?

Cook dinner for someone. Do an old fashioned act of kindness and send a card. Encourage someone by creating a collage on Picasa and send it to them.  I did this for one of my sisters who was going through a rough time and she loved it.

4.  Be mindful of your thoughts

You don’t have to accept every thought that comes into your head. If the thought doesn’t serve you let it go.  If you must berate yourself for something schedule a time to do it rather let these thoughts go through your head the whole day.

If negative thoughts are persistent try tapping. What is tapping? Tapping uses acupressure points in your body to shift thoughts or emotions that don’t serve you. When I first heard about tapping I thought it was weird and I doubted it would work. I’ve found it does work and it’s powerful.

If it’s worked for me it can work for you too. How do you do it?  Google Brad Yates and watch one of his You Tube videos to see how to tap and take charge of your thoughts.

5.  Practice gratitude daily

If you want more you have to be grateful for what you have now. Practising gratitude can also increase your feelings of joy and improve your self-esteem.

How do you do it? Read The Magic by Rhoda Byrne. If books aren’t your thing write down three things you’re grateful for each day and say thank you or download a gratitude app.

Want to make sure this change sticks? Do a gratitude challenge such as a 100 days of gratitude on Facebook.

6. Learn something new

2014 was a big year of learning for me. I learnt how to blog, how to use WordPress, how to manage a business Facebook page, how to manage my own thoughts and how to motivate myself when working on my own. For me, learning and mastering new things is highly satisfying particularly when I move past fears in doing so.

7. Read more

Switch off Netflix/TV. Immerse yourself in a good book and relax. I have read more in 2014  than I have in years and it’s been great. I’ve learnt heaps and I’ve been transported to many different places.

If you’re interested in book recommendations check out my top books of 2014 in next week’s post.

What things are you going to do to give yourself a happy 2015?

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