Four Mistakes Internal Candidates Make

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Get ready for 2015 and new job opportunities with my three part blog series – Job Interviews: all the tips you need to be successful.

In Part Three of the series I look at the mistakes internal candidates can make.

Whoops! Have you been caught out by lack of preparation, poor presentation or other errors when going for an internal role? Have you thought you could just relax  about the whole process because ‘it’s in the bag’ and then you didn’t get the role? Read this post and use it as a check list next time you’re considering an internal move.

Mistake number 1: you don’t dress appropriately

Just because you know the team interviewing you really well it doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an effort on the day. What do I mean here? So if your normal dress code is a shirt and tailored pants/skirt, wear a suit or add a tailored jacket. If your normal attire is smart casual dress things up a bit and wear a blazer or dress more corporate. Why should you do this? It shows you’re serious and you want the job.

Mistake number 2: you don’t meet the decision maker prior to interview

Meeting the decision maker shows you’re serious and want the role. It’s also a really valuable way to research what else is involved in the job. Like the things that aren’t described in the position description.  You also get to build rapport with your potential new boss and start to evaluate if they are someone you’d like to work for. It’s not going to take much of your time to set up a meeting with the hiring manager for the job that you’re interested in and take them out for coffee.

Mistake number 3: you assume that you’ll get the role because you’ve been there the longest

That might have been a fair assumption to make decades ago but today making this assumption could backfire. Sure, your experience is being compared to your peers. But so is your performance and your willingness to be a positive team member. Your potential is also being evaluated. How does your performance stack up against your peers?

Mistake number 4: you don’t prepare because you think you can just ‘wing it.’

It’s safe you say if you’re going for an internal role you don’t need to research the company like you would if you were coming from outside. But don’t relax just yet. If you’re hoping to work with a new department research that department. If you’re wanting to work with a new boss, research them. Even if you think you have this unique ability think on your feet and you’re a ‘gun’ a behavioural interview questions have a practice anyway.

This post is the last in a three part series to get you ready for 2015. To ensure you nail your next job interview get personalised coaching with the Interview Advantage packages.

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