Find Your Career Joy

Have you lost your mojo? Is your job  sitting in the box called ‘disappointment’?  Are you doubting yourself?  Do you want to change careers but you’re not sure how to?

Don’t worry, you CAN get get your mojo back and Find Your Career Joy!

With the Find Your Career Joy package you’ll discover what you need to do to Love Your Work. During our sessions we’ll work on your mindset and how you can get ready to make a shift. You’ll get Career Carity with skills assessment and other exercises and you’ll see what your Real Role Reality is. Then we look at  strategies for going out to market and how you can position yourself to maximise your success.

By the time you’ve finished your coaching sessions you’ll be focused, you’ll be in the right mindset to achieve success and  you’ll be moving forward with your plan to get there.

Session One: Mindset

In this 90 minute session we work on how how you can ensure you’re ready to receive new opportunities in your life. You’ll receive practical tools and simple exercises to make this happen.

Session Two and Three: Career Clarity

In these sessions we assess your skills, your experience and examine your values so that you can get clarity and work towards knowing what a job you love looks like.

Session four: Real Role Reality

By the time you get to session four you’ll have more clarity about your career direction and now it’s time to drill now into what you’re interested in and fine tune what you want. In this 60 minute session we work on networking strategies so that you can make wise decisions about your career direction.

Session Five:  Strategy

In this 60 minute session we set up how you’ll position yourself in the market. Together we’ll put together a plan so that you can make your move into a career you’ll love.

You’ll also set up a timeline to make this happen.

Session Six: Follow Up

In this 60 minute session we’ll assess how you’ve been going with your positioning in the market and if any strategies need tweaking.

NB you can add further sessions if you need to here.

What you get with the Find Your Career Joy Package:

  • career clarity: know what you want and how to get there
  • confidence to change your career!
  • six coaching sessions over a three month period
  • motivation to make changes in your life
  • accountability
  • access to my resource list
  • support and compassion
  • homework exercises to maximise your learning
  • practical strategies that work
  • professional advice so that you can Love Your Work and Find Your Career Joy!
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