Down Days: How You Can Get Back Up

down days

Yesterday, I caught up with a girlfriend who was feeling really down. She wanted to give up on her growing business. She was trying so many different things and wasn’t quite seeing the results that she’d hoped for. Worst of all she kept comparing herself to those who had never been in the same situation she was in. Who had another full income to support them or who by lucky connections had travelled an easier road.

In fact she was feeling so downhearted that she’d started to sabotage the very things that were going right in her life. Like her boyfriend. On Saturday she picked a fight with him for no good reason and then got it into her head that she should end it right away.

I’m convinced that my friend is about to go to the next level of success in her business. But fear has gotten in the way. Our need to control the outcome or our fear of the unknown  can cause us to sabotage the good things that we’re about to receive.

So what should you to do if down thinking has started to dominate your thoughts? Perhaps  you’re sick of your job and moving to your dream can’t come fast enough.  You might have lost hope or be thinking ‘what’s the point?’

Use these steps to get yourself back on track:

1. Forgive yourself. Write down in detail all of the things that didn’t work out and then let them go. Burn the paper if you like. Some people find the symbolic gesture of burning helps them let go.

2. Put aside your detailed to do list. What is the one thing you can do today that is going to make the biggest difference? Pick one thing to do today.

3. Take a break. These down feelings will pass but right now it’s time to take it easy and not force yourself to produce things that probably won’t be great anyway because your heart isn’t in it.

And finally, If don’t get the job or you decide to close your business don’t panic. Know that you will be okay. You will survive.  Other good things will come your way. Things will work out and you’ll find a way to make sure that they do.

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