Celebrate You and Achieve More


Celebrate your achievements!

Yesterday at my birthday lunch I shared some French champagne with a good friend. We were not only celebrating my birthday but also the new client that she’d just signed.

Last night I had more champagne, some smooth red wine and a delicious dinner with my family.  And my birthday celebrations haven’t ended yet. Each year I plan to celebrate my birthday more than the year before. Why? Celebrating more makes getting older fun and it’s joyful!

In addition to celebrating my birthday I also celebrate my achievements and I’ve really enjoyed doing that this year.

I’m drinking more champagne than ever and I love it!

But things haven’t always been this way. I used to look over a 12 month period and not see any achievements and unfortunately this was the norm for me for many years. I failed to acknowledge obstacles that I’d gone through and where I’d come out ahead or other challenges that I’d faced and where I hadn’t given up. It wasn’t a helpful mindset in any way. It was just a really sad outlook.

These days I celebrate my achievements with champagne, parties and what I like to call achievement dinners. Sometimes the dinners are celebrating  family success like the completion of one of my sisters’  successful shows or a milestone for a friend. During the dinners each person talks about what they’ve achieved and then they are acknowledged by the group. It might seem a bit weird  and initially uncomfortable  to have a dinner to talk about what you’ve achieved but I’ve found it a really valuable thing to do. If you don’t plan to acknowledge your success It’s too easy to just brush it under the carpet.

It’s important to celebrate your achievements because it trains your brain to enjoy success and thus you attract more, and  it’s fun! Acknowledge your achievements and start setting yourself up for more success and fun today!

How often do you celebrate your success? How do you celebrate your birthday? Or do these things pass you by?

If you haven’t celebrated for a while it’s time to plan your next celebration. Here’s how:

Don’t compare yourself to others. Your achievements are individual to you.

Buy some champagne or other celebratory drink of choice.

Grab some friends and go off and enjoy yourself!

Talk about your achievements and congratulate yourself!

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