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What I’ve Learnt from Tammy Butow

What I've Learnt

It was 2011 when I learnt about the wind tunnel that will be forever Docklands. It was my second stint working there and this time I was at NAB. Whilst the Docklands location wasn’t always a fun one it was here on a winters day in 2011 that I went to a workshop by Tammy Butow. I think it was called Being You Online.

Back then Tammy was an Analyst Programmer at NAB. Educating us about Meetups and how to build relationships on Twitter, Tammy spoke about how she’d made new friends by joining online communities.  She’d even created a few herself, Girl Geek Dinners being one of them.

To go to a lunch-time workshop on a crummy, miserable Melbourne day and get a burst of inspiration was a welcome and unexpected break from the dreary, because that winter, I was in a bit of a flat zone.

I’d recently returned from my first visit to Nepal that was meant to be a holiday but wasn’t. Where I was supposed to trek to Everest Base Camp but didn’t. Plus, I was getting over being rejected for two jobs (both at final interview stage) in a row.

At the risk of me appearing out of the loop, Tammy’s workshop opened my eyes to exciting possibilities. I’d actually never heard of Meetups back then!

Tammy was so enthusastic and she wasn’t scared of the tech world or social media like I was. She was passionate. I wasn’t on Twitter then because I was worried about accidentally saying something silly or stupid. Tammy’s advice was to  “keep it positive”

Fast forward a few years and Women’s Agenda tells me that Tammy has started a new chapter.

A few of months ago she began her dream job in New York with tech company Digital Ocean. It’s worth noting that Tammy didn’t get her dream job straight away. She was rejected at first. When Tammy first wrote to Digital Ocean her application was declined as they weren’t hiring Australians at the time.  So she did some more research and contacted them, sat a test and then they said yes.

So this is what I’ve learnt from Tammy. I’ve learnt about Meetups and the power of Twitter and online communities. Most of all, I’ve been inspired by a young woman who is doing what she loves because she went after what she was passionate about.

What are you passionate about? Are you doing what you love?