Build Your Confidence with Know How Note Cards

confidenceA while back I wrote about how more ladies need to speak up and be confident in the workplace and own what they’ve got to offer.

If you’re sure of what you’ve got to offer,  following the suggestions is straight forward.

But what are you to do if self doubt has taken over and you’re wondering if you’ve got that much to offer after all?  It’s a bit hard to shout from the rooftops about what you can do then isn’t it?

In this post I’m going to show how you can resolve your self doubt and confidence issue by Know How Note Cards with the exercise below.

What do you know?

When I started this exercise I looked at the obvious HR skills that I had ie interviewing. Then I asked the question: ‘how do I know how to interview?’ I know how to inteview because I know how to:

  • build rapport
  • read people
  • ask behavourial based interview questions
  • quicky assess technical and non-technical candidates
  • read body language
  • ask open and closed questions
  • sell what an organisation has to offer
  • put candidates at ease
  • write behavoural based interview questions to understand candidate competencies
  • facilitate an interview
  • provide hiring recommendations to stakeholders

So from this exercise you can see how what you know can be broken down and is bigger than what you might think.

Here’s another example:

Last year I ran the 14k City to Sea. I cut three minutes off my personal best time from 2009. Yay! Even though I don’t consider myself a sporty person or an expert I did pick up some know how with my experience.

What I know:

How to train for a 14k run in two and half months starting at a 5k baseline. Then I broke this down into:

I know:

  • the best times to train for a 14k run
  • training strategy
  • the software to use to train/record progress
  • what to wear on race day
  • how to be a success on race day
  • how to motivate yourself to train for a 14k run
  • what music is most motivating for training
  • how to create a postive mental state for success on race day

Like I discovered, you know more than you think.

Get Started!

1. Buy some index cards

2.  Ask yourself: ‘what do I know?’ Write it down then ask yourself: ‘how do I know this?’

3. Do this for everything that you know. You might need to buy another pack of index cards! 🙂

4. Transfer each thing that you know to an index card

5. Feel more confident now that you know more that you thought you did!

6. Share how you can help your team and your organisation. Start talking about what you’ve got to offer!

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