Are You in Control of Your Next Opportunity?


Are you in control of your next opportunity?

What strategies are you using to find your next opportunity? Is networking playing a part?

You might think that because you’ve contacted the recruiters and you’ve signed up to the daily job emails from Seek or Monster that you’re in control.

Whilst it may feel like you’re in control of the process, when you use these strategies on their own you’re not and I’ll tell you why.

Take recruiters, for example. They will only be able to assist you if they get a role where your skills, experience and personality fit the description exactly. Why is that? Because recruiters only get paid when they place you. Some work on a contingent basis but not most of them.

If you’re only relying on advertised listings on job boards to help you you’re putting yourself up against many other applicants. Sometimes more than 100!

So what should you do?

Approach finding your next opportunity using a series of different approaches. I’ll list them now starting with the most important.


Networking is the best thing you can do to get another opportunity. Particularly if you’re changing careers. Get introductions through your network and take your new contacts out for coffee. What can you learn from them? Ask them who else you should be speaking to. Make networking your number one priority.

Cold calling.

I know, not many of us like doing this. It’s scary but I’m mentioning it because it works. I’ve gotten several jobs using this strategy. Whilst it was really hard to make the calls, I was so glad I did when I got better opportunities from doing so! Most people don’t cold call so this is a great way to put yourself ahead of everyone else. Take control of your search and contact the companies that you’d like to work for. Be strategic and use your network and LinkedIn to find out who are the best people to approach in your field.


Get in touch with two to three recruitment companies. I know great recruiters that are really across their market and clients and are full of integrity. Some of these recruiters have become my friends too. On the other hand I’ve dealt with some recruiters that have rubbed me up the wrong way. During your networking, get recommendations of who you’ll work best with. Meet with them and keep in touch but don’t expect recruiters to find you a role. Just use this as one of the many strategies to find your next opportunity.

Job Boards

There’s nothing wrong with looking at the job boards from time to time. But this is not where most jobs are found! Many jobs are not advertised so please don’t make this the main way you go about your job search.

Who in your network can you contact right now? List five people that can help you, contact them this week and be in control of your next opportunity.

Let me know how you go in the comments.





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