Make your dream job a possibility instead of a fantasy

You’re good at your job, but deep down you know you’re not living up to your potential.

You’re pretending you enjoy it but it’s hard to get motivated.

You have a dream job in mind – and you know you’re brilliant at it because it’s your zone of genius. It would mean living your potential and being yourself.

I’m Kristianna Nagorcka and I can help you get the job you love and are excited about. Together, we’ll make your Sunday nights so exciting, you won’t be able to sleep thinking about getting back to work Monday morning.

If you’re tired of pretending, I can help you find what you’re passionate about. We’ll get clear, focused and into action so you can make your dream job a possibility instead of just a fantasy.

“After three coaching sessions with Kristianna Nagorcka I am now passionately pursuing a goal that I have been putting off for years. I am not sure if I could have overcome my fears and lack of vision without her wisdom, encouragement, expertise and guidance.  For this I am very grateful. ” Lara Bakes-Denham

I worked in human resources for ten years in Australia and the UK. Part of my roles in recruitment for large corporations was hiring professionals – from finance to engineering and from legal to marketing. I thrived guiding people from jobs where they weren’t living up to their potential and were desperately unhappy into positions they loved.

But I wanted to make a difference in the lives of women. To help women be the best they can and have the confidence to live their dreams.

Enter “Love your work. Love your life.”

My natural ability to motivate and inspire you – and keep you accountable – will help you change your life. There is no substitute for personal career advice when you’re stuck in a job you hate.

I understand the fear and doubt that can hold you back from making a change. I also get how challenging it can be to approach the right people and pitch what you’ve got to offer.

I work with professional women and men via Skype. Check out my services and get in touch so we can see if we’re a good fit.

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“Before I approached Kristianna I had no idea where to start in re-vamping my CV. In my mind my career options were limited and I felt stressed and overwhelmed.
Kristianna provided expert advice on my CV and helped me shift my focus.  The sessions really expanded my thinking around possible career options which I found super helpful. I feel at ease and much more confident now and I’m looking forward to moving into a job that makes me happy and content.” Kathryn Stanley