Frustrated at work? Feeling stuck in a career you don’t love?

You’ve tried moving up the ladder, but you’re not getting the second interview and you don’t know why.

Maybe you’re not sure what you want to do, but you know it’s not this.

I’m Kristianna Nagorcka and I help women and men figure out what they want to do, go after it – and get it.

“After completing a postgraduate qualification to embark upon a new career path, I felt overwhelmed by the challenge of finding employment. I was getting bogged down in feelings of insecurity and inadequacy regarding my lack of experience and I needed help with my CV.

Kristianna helped me complete a major overhaul of my outlook towards my job search, with strategies for motivation, focus, and clarity.

I was able get rid of old thought patterns that made me unconsciously project “neediness” when facing a potential employer. Now, I have direct access to a completely new way of thinking – this has helped me overcome my perceived lack of experience in my chosen new field.

From working with Kristianna, I developed a sense of calm, confidence and assuredness about my new career path. Within a week, I received a fabulous offer to work in my new field. When talking to my new employer, I found myself automatically using the new approach, promoting myself with credibility.

Thank you Kristianna for your amazing coaching, it has made a great difference to me not only in my work, but also in my day-to-day life.”

– S. A. Sheridan